Car, Truck, & SUV Wheel Alignment Services in Holliston, MA

Whether there is a funny tick as you roll down the road, your tires are wearing unevenly, or your ride is pulling to the side, it may be time for a wheel alignment. Save time and frustration by bringing your car to Jack's Automotive right here in town. We will have your wheel alignment completed, and you back on the road in a snap.

Steer Straight Again with a Quick Wheel & Tire Alignment

Are your tires squealing on the on-ramp to I495? Is your steering wheel always crooked, even when riding down High Street? These are signs that your wheel alignment needs adjustment. Our garage has the latest wheel alignment equipment needed for a fast and accurate fix. Your owner's manual recommends a wheel alignment at least once a year. This will ensure proper tire wear, improve brake performance, and minimize wear and tear.

Wheel and Tire Services at Jack's Automotive

  • Two or Four-wheel Alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • Flat tire repair
  • Replacement tires mounted and installed
  • New tire sales
  • Tire pressure monitoring sensor repair and replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Ball joint inspection and repair

Prepare for Potholes and Snow with Our Wheel & Tire Replacement Services

Every Winter and Spring in New England, you try to avoid as many potholes as possible. But you will hit one eventually. When you do, give Jack's Automotive a ring. We can tackle your tire replacement in a timely manner. We will also inspect your wheel assembly, ball joints, and wheel alignment. You will return to the road with a safe and sound vehicle.

Is it time for an upgrade? Find a stunning new set of wheels, and we will install them on your SUV, truck, or car. While we have your ride in the air, we will rotate the tires, balance the wheels, and check for proper pressure.

Two and Four-Wheel Alignment for Your Front or All-wheel Drive Vehicle

Many of today's vehicles feature traction control or part-time all-wheel drive. It takes an expert to know if your car requires a two or four-wheel alignment. We are able to complete either service in a timely manner while restoring your ride to manufacturer specifications. If you only have your front wheels done on an AWD or 4X4 vehicle, you can harm the rear tires--which can cost you big in the long run. Ask us which is recommended for your particular make and model.

Rotate and Balance Your Wheels for a Smoother Ride

Your tires on the driver and passenger side of the car will wear differently. That is why your owner's manual recommends having your tires rotated every 10,000 miles. While we have the tires off the car for a rotation, it only takes a few minutes more to balance the wheels. This simple task eliminates a shaking steering wheel, bumpy ride, and can help diminish road noise. We can add a Rotate and Balance to your oil change on your next visit.

Replacement Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors to Silence that Alarm

Is your car warning you again about a flat tire? If the light is always going off for no apparent reason, bring it into our shop for a quick inspection. If your tire is sound, the TPMS on the tire may need to be replaced. This simple fix is inexpensive, and we will have it done in less than an hour. Just imagine a calm commute without any fake alerts sounding from your dashboard! Better yet, the next time you do hear a warning bell, it may prevent an accident.

Seasonal Snow Tire Installation for Your Off-Road Truck or SUV

Do you love skiing in the White Mountains come snow season? Perhaps your fleet of trucks needs to roll over snow-covered roads. Our Snow Tire seasonal switch-out service will have you ready for mountain roads and snowbanks. Make sure to schedule your return to summer tires in the Spring before the deadline. We also do all-season and performance tire switches for our customers that drive luxury sports cars.

Schedule Your Wheel and Tire Maintenance Service Appointment Today

It only takes a minute to give Jack's Automotive a call or drop us an email using our online contact form. We will find a time to take care of your wheel and tire maintenance that works for you. We can help with complimentary pick-up and drop-off services in the Holliston area. If you must have a car while yours is at the shop, we can connect you with our local car rental partner.