Fast and Friendly Certified Auto Oil Change Near Me

Is your car, truck, or SUV reminding you that it is time for its oil change? While today's engines can run as many as 10,000 miles between oil changes, it is always important to take care of this errand promptly. The oil provides lubrication to the moving parts inside your engine. Without fresh oil, the pistons and cylinders can be damaged resulting in expensive repairs. Jack's Automotive is available to take care of this vital routine task, ensuring that your car is ready to roll for many more miles.

Local Oil Change Services for Holliston, MA

Our garage is located right here in Holliston, so there is no need to go out of your way to care for your vehicle. We also know that even dropping off your car for an oil change service can be time-consuming. We are happy to coordinate pickups and drop-offs and even hook you up with a rental car to minimize the disruption to your day. With a Certified ASE mechanic right down the street, you know that your oil changes, tire rotations, and filter changes are done following all manufacturer guidelines.

Regular Oil Changes Keep Your Car or SUV Running Smooth

Your owner's manual will always provide the accurate answer to, "How often should I change my oil?" We recommend doing a regular oil change at least every 5,000 miles or six months. If you drive through construction sites or sit in city traffic every day, you may want to do it every 3,000 miles or three months. Our regular oil change service includes:

  • Empty and recycle the old engine oil
  • Fill with new oil that matches the recommended weight, oil type, and amount for your make and model
  • Change the oil filter
  • Complete a visual inspection of tires, wiper blades, brakes, and belts
  • Schedule your next oil change before you leave

If we notice wear on any part, we will help you set up a time to put on a new set of tires or replace your pads. By proactively completing these routine repairs, you avoid getting stuck on the highway due to a breakdown.

Your oil change will be completed while you are at work or out shopping. Your car will be waiting to get back to the daily drive at the end of the day.

Follow the Recommended Specs with Our Full Synthetic Oil Changes

Do you pilot a sports car or luxury SUV to the office? Your ride may recommend the use of synthetic oil to support its performance capabilities and protect its high output engine. We always consult the OEM specs and will use the type and weight of oil suggested for your vehicle. Synthetic oils often last thousands of miles longer than standard oil, so if you want to extend the interval between oil changes, we recommend using synthetic.

Synthetic oil comes with a premium price, but if you are having fewer oil changes completed, it will save you big in the long run. Do you have questions about which is best for your ride? Give us a call and speak to our certified technicians for an informed and accurate answer.

Click or Call to Schedule Your Oil Change Today

It only takes a few minutes to set up your motor oil change appointment at Jack's Automotive in Holliston. Call the office, and we'll find a day and time that works best for you. It's just that easy to ensure that all needed maintenance is completed for your car or truck.