Are you worried about your car’s brakes? Whether you have a spongy pedal, grinding noises, or the car takes too long to stop, we can help. Jack’s Automotive is your neighborhood auto repair shop in Holliston available to fix your brakes. We are your solution when you need auto brake repair near me.



Stay Safe with Our Routine Brake Services



Your brakes may be the most important safety system on your car, truck, or SUV. You depend on them to slow down for traffic jams, red lights, and kids crossing the street. Most routine brake services can be completed in an hour or two and help to make our roads a safer place.



Routine Brakes Services Include:



  • Brake pad inspection
  • Replace brake pads and clips
  • Inspect brake rotors
  • Machine or replace rotors
  • Adjust brake calipers
  • Inspect brake lines for leaks
  • Diagnose dashboard brake warning lights



A Quick Auto Brake Inspection Saves You Time and Money



Are you scheduled for a quick oil and filter change? Ask us to do a fast auto brake inspection while your car is on the lift. Every brake pad includes wear marks that show us when it is time to switch them out. Most car manufacturers recommend changing your pads every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. This may vary based on city or highway driving and your driving style. We may see that they need to be done now or that you can wait until the next oil change.



Brake Repairs for All Makes and Models



Jack’s Automotive is equipped to complete brake repairs on just about every vehicle on the road. Whether you drive a Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota we got you covered. Did you know that many SUVs use the same parts found on light-duty pickups? We do. Foreign, domestic, big, or small, we will ensure your ride has the right brakes installed needed for a safer commute.



Are Your Brake Pads Grinding?



Usually, the first indication that you have waited too long to service your brakes is a grinding noise when you hit the brake pedal.  That means that the surface of your pads has worn down and the rotors are rubbing on the wear marks creating that irritating grinding noise. If the grinding noise went away–your pads are virtually nonexistent. Immediate service is recommended!



Are you driving a classic car or truck with drum brakes? A grinding noise means it is time for a new set of brake shoes. We also replace rotors, drums, calipers, and brake lines.



Leaking Brake Fluid? Check Your Lines and Master Cylinder



Your car’s brake lines are made out of non-corrosive stainless steel and PVC. They will be one of the last things to wear out. When they do, your brakes can completely stop working! If you see drops of fluid near your car’s wheels, it may be the brake fluid. Bring it by, and we will inspect and replace any leaking brake lines or the brake cylinder if needed.



Troubleshooting Your ABS Light and System



Your anti-lock brake system prevents your wheels from locking up during an emergency braking system. It uses a small sensor located by each wheel that speaks to your vehicle’s computer. If you have an ABS light glowing on your dash, the next time you need to hit the brakes hard, you may skid right through the intersection. Our diagnostic computer will tell us what part of your brake system requires repair. Replacing a sensor will only take us an hour or two.



Catastrophic Brake Failure? Call Us for a Quick Tow in Holliston



Did your brake pedal go to the floor during your morning commute? Stay safe and have it towed to our garage today. We work with reputable tow partners located right here in Holliston, so you won’t be waiting long. We can help you with a quick drop-off at home or coordinate a rental car until we have time to properly service your brake system.



Car Repair Services that Care for You



We know that an unexpected auto repair is a major inconvenience! Jack’s Automotive does everything possible to minimize the impact of a visit to the garage on your life. We offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off in Holliston for every service. We also take a moment to give it a wash and vacuum before it comes back to you.



Give us a call and speak to a real person to schedule your brake inspection or service today. No time? Use our convenient contact form at any time of the day or night.