Did you hit a pothole and now your car lurches every time that you take a corner? Perhaps your SUV continues to bounce long after you rolled over a speed bump. It may be time for a steering and suspension system repair. Jack's Automotive is your neighborhood service garage located in Holliston, MA ready to smooth out your ride.

Local Steering & Suspension Service Gets You Back on the Road Fast

Whether you got a rejection sticker for bad ball joints or you feel your shocks bottoming out while driving down Route 16, your car needs some suspension work to make it safe to drive. There is no need to travel to a big dealership for this routine repair. Since we are here in town, you can drop off your vehicle or have us pick it up for prompt and professional car repairs.

Diagnose the Clunks and Squeaks of Your Suspension System

Your car's suspension system serves to take the jumps and bumps out of your ride while also protecting moving parts from excessive vibrations. Sudden clunks associated with turning the steering wheel or while coming to a stop indicate that something snapped under your vehicle. Some parts that may need repair or replacement include:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Shocks
  • Struts
  • Control arm
  • Driveshaft
  • Steering rack
  • Ball joints
  • Wheel assembly

While a major suspension repair is rare, it is constantly subjected to minor and major stresses during every commute. A sudden failure of your suspension can lead to loss of control and accidents. We recommend addressing this problem as soon as possible.

If you feel uncomfortable driving your truck, SUV, or car due to those strange noises, bring it by the shop, and we will have your suspension system inspected to diagnose the problem. Do you need a tow? We can call a truck to get your car back to the shop. We will provide a quote and description of the required repair, so you can decide how to move forward.

Steering System Repairs Completed by an ASE Certified Technician

Are you fighting to turn the wheel while something whines under the hood? Our fully-trained technicians will hunt down the source of the suspension problems. Your steering system includes a pump, belts, steering fluid, and tie rods that all will need service at some point. In most instances, your steering system only needs a small part replaced like the tie rod. However, if you were in a collision, you may need a rack & pinion replacement.

Whether the job is minor or major, we've got you! We use only premium and OEM parts supplied by our partners in the automotive industry. When you drive your car home, you can be confident that its steering and suspension are safely repaired.

Caring for Every One of Our Neighborhood Auto Repair Customers

Whether you bring your vehicle to Jack's Automotive for a simple oil change or major suspension service, we put your needs at the top of our list. Schedule your repair on a day that is most convenient to you. If you need help dropping off the car and getting back to your Holliston office, we can do it. Should you need a rental while we care for your car, our local partner will hook you up.

Above all, if you think your vehicle's suspension needs service, don't wait to give us a call! The safety of you and your family is of the utmost importance. We look forward to seeing you soon!