Fix that Engine Light with a Car Diagnostics Test Near Me

The check engine light is the most common warning light on your dashboard. While it can alert you to a serious problem with your engine, transmission, or exhaust system, it is often associated with quick and inexpensive repairs. A car diagnostics test at Jack's Automotive in Holliston, MA will take less than an hour and will likely restore your confidence in your car, truck, or SUV.

Is Your Check Engine Light On? Find Out Why Today

The check engine light is most often triggered when the computer detects a change in the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber. The most common reasons for the engine light to pop up are:

  • The gas cap is loose or needs to be replaced
  • An oxygen sensor in the engine failed
  • The spark plugs are old and need to be replaced
  • The transmission requires maintenance
  • Bad ignition coils

The light is on so that you can have the faulty part repaired before serious damage is done to the combustion chamber, gearing, or catalytic converter. A fast diagnostic holds all the answers, so you can stop worrying and make plans for a proper repair. In some instances, we can reset the error and send you home with a clear dashboard. When your car says, "Service Engine," it does not always mean an expensive or lengthy visit to the shop.

Complete Car Diagnostic Tests that Provide Accurate Answers

Our fully equipped car repair garage includes the latest in diagnostic equipment. After we run the car diagnostic test, we get the trouble codes from the car's computer and a plan of action as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. You will know if the car is safe to drive or if it should stay with us until repaired.  You receive an accurate quote for the needed repair and an honest timeline. Sometimes we only need an hour or two to swap out a sensor or filter.

How Long Does It Take to Pull an Engine Trouble Code?

We use a data cord and plug it into a port under your car's dashboard. The diagnostic equipment gets the code in seconds. We then run the code through the repair database associated with your make, model, and year and generate a list of affected parts, probable causes, and recommended repairs. We can also reset the light if needed.

ASE Certified Technicians Complete All Our Auto Diagnostics & Repairs

Your car, truck, or SUV is always repaired by an ASE Certified Technician at Jack's Automotive. We have the experience and knowledge to properly interpret the results from the diagnostic machine. We maintain relationships with a variety of suppliers so that your car receives the right OEM or premium part to fix the problem. Do you drive an exclusive vehicle? Not a problem. We diagnose and repair all makes and models!

Jack's Automotive Services:

  • Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge
  • BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar
  • Toyota, Honda, Nissan
  • Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi
  • VW, Audi, Subaru, Volvo

No matter what you drive, we can get rid of that check engine light.

Call or Visit Today and Take the Mystery Out of Your Engine Light

If your check engine or wrench light is on, don't spend another minute thinking the worst about the state of your car. Call Jack's Automotive now. Since we are located in Holliston, we can run a diagnostic at a convenient time for you and make a plan to have the problem repaired as soon as possible.