Rediscover Smooth Shifting with Transmission Repair Near Me

Do you notice an odd burning smell and experience hard shifts in your daily driver? You are in need of professional transmission repair near me. Jack's Automotive is just down the street in Holliston, MA and we have a fully equipped garage prepared to tackle small or major transmission troubles.

Troubleshoot and Solve Problems for Your Automatic Transmission Vehicle

Do you drive an older Honda or Toyota with a CVT? Perhaps your Dodge struggles to climb the gears with its dual-clutch transmission. Whatever kind of automatic transmission ride is found under your car, it takes a fully trained technician to troubleshoot its issues. We will take the time to get to the root of the leaking fluid, sluggish shift, or whining while slowing down for the lights.

Common Transmission Repairs Include:

  • Replacing solenoid
  • Adjusting throttle cable
  • Resealing
  • Speed sensors

When it is time to rebuild or replace the transmission, we work with local partners to get you back on the road ASAP.

Prompt and Professional Repairs for Manual Transmission Vehicles

Did your manual transmission gear shifter snap off? It is one of the most common repairs needed for your dependable commuter car. We also can do a quick clutch replacement to get you back on the road. As automatics become more popular, it can be harder to find a shop that is qualified to care for your manual transmission vehicle. Jack's Automotive is your local solution.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic to Prevent Serious Damage to Your Transmission

Did your engine light come on around the time that you noticed a change in the way your SUV is shifting gears? We can run the code with a quick diagnostic and provide a fast answer for your transmission troubles. Your engine light may simply tell us that the transmission fluid is low or that a sensor has gone bad. Fixing the small things now will extend the life of your transmission!

Routine Transmission Fluid Exchange for Longer Life

Most foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs recommend a transmission fluid exchange every 50,000 to 70,000 to prevent damage to the myriad of moving parts inside the system. Our transmission fluid and filter service may bring back crisper shifts when you hit the paddles and ensure that your ride is ready for the next year or two. Check your owner's manual for the suggested service interval for your transmission.

 Keep Your Ride Rolling with Regular Transmission Maintenance

Maintaining your transmission keeps the gaskets and seals fresh, prevents grinding the gears, and reduces corrosion inside the intricate system. By simply checking the transmission fluid dipstick during your next oil change, we can top up the reservoir and inspect the fluid for wear. It's a great time to check for leaks, so preventative measures can be taken before you break down.

  • Check transmission fluid level
  • Top-up fluid
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Replace fluid filter
  • Check technical bulletins for computer updates

Reflash Your ECM to Eliminate Hard and Clunking Shifts

Does your truck or performance sedan feature an adaptive transmission? If you suddenly notice a change in shifting patterns, the electronic control module that determines the best shift points may need a quick reset. A reflash of your transmission ECM can restore it to factory settings and send you on your way with smooth shifts. Ask our ASE Certified Technician if this service can help your vehicle.

Transmission Tune-Up for Your 4X4 Off-Road Ride

Do you love putting your truck through the wringer on the weekends? Its transmission is truly tested each time you go rock crawling. Schedule a complete tune-up before you hit the trails in your 4X4 at Jack's Automotive. Not only will we check its fluid levels and change the filter, but we will also inspect the cooling system, belts, suspension, and spark plugs.

A Local Garage that Cares for Your Car and Your Family

When you struggle to find time to just make an appointment for your transmission service, Jack's Automotive steps forward to make everything easier. Click or call to set aside the time. On the day, we can arrange a complimentary drop-off and pickup. If you end up needing a rental for a day or two, we will set it up it for you. Finally, when your SUV is ready to return to your Holliston garage, we will do a free wash and vacuum.