Certified Japanese Auto Repairs - Holliston, MA

Do you need a local Holliston auto repair shop that is prepared to maintain and care for your Japanese car, truck, or SUV? Jack's Automotive is your local expert in Japanese auto repair. Whether you drive a Prius, Civic, or Crosstrek, we have the people, parts, and experience needed to keep it in peak condition.

Caring for Japanese Cars & Automobiles in Holliston

We are equipped to troubleshoot and maintain any and all Japanese cars currently on the road. Call us to make an appointment for your:

  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Subaru
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi

We maintain positive relationships with a wide range of automotive suppliers, so we can find all the filters, belts, headlamps, and parts needed to get your car back on the road.

Knock Out Your Preventive Maintenance List

When you drop off your Toyota or Honda for an oil change, you want to know that it will receive all the needed preventative maintenance. We follow all the recommended service intervals in your owner's manual.

  • Oil and filter change
  • Engine and cabin air filter replacement
  • Engine or Wrench light diagnostic
  • Brake inspection and brake pad replacement
  • Tire balance and rotation
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Inspect and replace the timing belt
  • Tire replacement
  • Wiper replacement
  • Four-wheel alignment for all-wheel or front-wheel drive
  • Battery test and replacement

We also stay updated with all the latest technical bulletins from Japanese manufacturers. We can perform the most recent updates to your car's computer for improved performance and safety.

Keeping Your Toyota Hybrid Ready for the Road

Are you driving a Toyota Prius, Honda Clarity, or Nissan Leaf? Even though your vehicle is highly efficient and eco-friendly, it still needs all the same maintenance as a regular gasser. The service intervals may be different, so it is wise to ask an expert just how long you can go between visits. While we are changing the oil, we will also run a quick check on the hybrid charging system.

Quality Service Performed by Experienced and Certified Technicians

When you own a car that is designed and built overseas, it comes with an array of challenges for repairs and maintenance. We employ ASE Certified Technicians that have studied the differences in Japanese motors. They maintain a complete set of tools intended to complete repairs on your Mazda or Subaru without delay.

  • Engine repairs
  • Transmission repairs
  • Brake line replacement
  • Airbag service and replacement
  • Anti-lock brake service

Using Premium and OEM Parts and Fluids for Your Japanese Vehicle

Why do many Japanese cars and SUVs have a reputation for impressive durability? Their parts and systems are engineered to last longer. When we do a repair on your Nissan or Toyota, we only use premium replacement or OEM parts wherever possible. You can pick up your kids confident that the family wagon is ready for many more miles zipping around the back roads of Holliston.

All the Services You Need to Keep Your Busy Schedule

No matter what your Japanese car, truck, or SUV needs, Jack's Automotive can help. Give us a call when your car doesn't start in the morning. Our local tow partners can provide a ride to our shop. If we have the car in the garage for a couple of days, we can set you up with a car rental. Of course, free pick-up and drop-off are included with every service.

Click or call to schedule your Japanese auto repair or maintenance appointment today!