Car Customizations & Car Mods

Let Jack’s Auto help you transform your vehicle with our auto custom shop services. Great customer service and quality work are hallmarks of our business. Our carmod shop specializes in custom modifications, custom car alignments, custom paint jobs, audio systems, engine performance upgrades, high-tech accessories installation, and more. Jack's professional team features experienced mechanics, fabrication specialists, and car customization service gurus who’ll partner with you to achieve your custom car design.

Choose Our Auto Modification Shop for Aftermarket Accessory & Component Installation Services Like:

  • Coilover installation
  • Ride height adjustments
  • Alignment
  • Clutch replacement
  • Suspension components
  • Engine performance upgrade
  • LS cam kit installation
  • Exhaust
  • Intake
  • Header installation and more

Our auto fabrication shop team takes exceptional pride in our great work and enthusiastic service. We love helping customers achieve innovative customs that boost the performance and style of their vehicles. Why settle for factory wheels, rims, tires, audio systems, and other standard vehicle features when our custom shop features top-quality customization services for a reasonable price?!

Our car modification shops will customize your car or truck in a timely manner, and with the precision our professional team is known for. Our customers are routinely satisfied with our excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship.

What Modifications Can I Make on My Car?

When it comes to the customization of your ride, the sky is the limit. Any customs you can think of, you can achieve. Many customers enjoy a continuous process of modifying their cars or trucks. Some clients prefer minor modifications that enhance their daily drive. Modifications like window tint, stereo system upgrade, new rims, new tires, or backup camera installation.

What Are Popular Car Fabrication Shop Services?

Ride height adjustments remain among the most popular custom jobs. These adjustments typically include raising or lowering the vehicle and always involve new wheels and new tires. These customization services will make your ride stand out from the other factory vehicles on the road. Other popular car customization services include:

  • Sound system upgrades
  • Custom paint job
  • Window tint
  • Interior reupholstery
  • Quality race seats and harnesses
  • Brake pads and stainless steel brake lines
  • Quick-ratio steering rack
  • Suspension replacements for worn-out rubber pieces
  • Adjustable anti-roll bar
  • Spoiler and lips
  • Lights
  • Exhaust
  • Air ride
  • Wrapping
  • New shock absorbers / stiffer springs
  • Body kits

What Can Be Modified on a Car or Truck?

You can customize nearly any part of a vehicle. Upgrade the engine and drivetrain for better performance. Makeover the car’s interior with custom shop accessories or features that enhance your enjoyment of your car or truck. Transform your vehicle’s exterior with custom paint, window tint, height adjustments, and more.

What Do Professional Auto Fabricators Do?

Our fabricators are part of our professional team. They provide a wide range of customization services such as cutting, grinding, and welding in order to achieve customs for customers. There are next to no limits when it comes to vehicle customization. Some drivers spend years building an entire chassis from scratch for their car or truck. Others simply opt for exhaust modifications, new wheels, or an innovative sound system.

A skilled fabricator specializes in manufacturing and assembling equipment or parts that promote a product's function and efficiency. Our custom shop pros can make parts for your vehicle that you can’t find anywhere else, making for a truly customized ride that matches your own style.

Are Custom Fabrications Legal?

Auto fabrication / customization is legal! That said, depending on the state where you intend to drive, certain customization may not be legal. That’s why working with our professional team and experienced custom shop is crucial. We can advise you about the legality of your custom plans. Remember that vehicles in Massachusetts must pass emissions to drive legally on the state’s roads. We can help to ensure that your ride will be legally fit for driving on the state’s highways and byways.

Auto Customs FAQs

What does a vehicle custom shop do?

A vehicle custom shop like Jack's Auto specializes in car and truck custom changes. Our vehicle custom shop performs services like upgrading the auto's sound system, improving engine performance, changing tires, changing wheels, installing a sunroof, or adding new accessories.

Are exhaust mods legal?

A car or truck should not drive on the street with an illegal exhaust modification. If you're unsure if the custom job you intend is legal for your car or truck, contact our pros to advise you. Most other mods like wheels, one-roof jobs, tires, and added accessories are quite legal, but we can tell you more when you visit.

How long does it take to complete a custom job for cars?

The time frame to customize cars depends on the job in question. Installing one or two accessories might only take a day. Installing one roof or performing multiple tasks like installing new tires, wheels, and other exterior changes might take longer.

Does Jack's Auto repair cars?

Yes, in addition to custom work, Jack's skilled team provides repair and maintenance services for cars and trucks. Our garage team can typically work on any type of car or truck. If your car was involved in a collision, we can coordinate our repair service with your insurance provider.