Located in Holliston, Massachusetts, Jack’s Automotive is a convenient vehicle inspection service provider that also offers a wide range of auto repair services. The state’s new vehicle inspection process is now in effect–as of November 1, 2022. The state changed the car inspection process to ensure that each vehicle would be inspected yearly. Drivers who fail to have their vehicle inspected can be ticketed and assessed fines.

Jack’s Automotive provides limited and comprehensive vehicle inspection services. Drivers can visit our inspection site for a state-mandated inspection delivered by our certified automotive specialists. If we spot potential issues or find problems, we can alert you right away and provide any important service needed to keep your car in tip-top shape–and legal operating condition.

What’s Inspected in a Courtesy Check?

State-mandated vehicle inspections include a check of a vehicle’s essential safety features like tire treads, lights, brakes, steering, horn, and so forth. Vehicles that are 14 years or older must pass an emissions test, so some drivers elect to have their car’s emissions inspected before driving it to a state inspection site to receive their inspection sticker.

Regular cars and trucks must pass a 14-point inspection to receive their inspection sticker. Commercial vehicles are required to have 70 points inspected. Jack’s Automotive provides a courtesy inspection that evaluates all 14 points of the official vehicle inspection. If your vehicle passes our inspection, you can safely infer that it will pass the inspection conducted at the official inspection site.

Why Do You Need a Car Inspection?

Massachusetts auto owners must have their vehicle pass an annual vehicle inspection in order to drive legally in the state. After passing the inspection, each vehicle is issued a sticker denoting the month the vehicle passed the inspection.

New state rules now state that if a vehicle with an expired sticker is brought to an inspection site and passes its inspection, it will receive a sticker with the month that the auto should have been inspected. For instance, if your sticker expired in October, but you didn’t bring it in for an inspection until December, you will receive an October sticker if it passes. Consequently, you would have less than a year to renew your sticker during the next year.

Naturally, there is a state inspection fee. Drivers will be charged a $35 inspection fee. After passing the test and paying their fee, they will receive their current vehicle inspection sticker.

If you have concerns about vehicle and fear that it may not pass the official inspection or simply want confirmation that it is in good repair before you drive it to the inspection center, of which there are 1,800 official inspection sites throughout the state, you can bring your car or truck to Jack’s Automotive for our complete vehicle inspections.

Our auto specialists are well-versed with the state’s inspection process. We know precisely what they check and are able to duplicate the test at our repair shop. Plus, if any issues occur, we can repair them. A brake problem or suspension problem can cause your vehicle to fail the inspection. If we uncover any such issues, we can make the repair that’s needed.

Learn More about Inspection Services

If your vehicle fails its official state inspection, you will need to make repairs before you can obtain your annual sticker. If the repairs needed are related to safety features, you must make them immediately. The state advises you to keep receipts from these repairs. If the auto fails emissions, you have 60 days to have the problem fixed.

Having failed the auto inspection, you must still pay the $35 inspection fee; however, you are entitled to a free re-inspection after you have your auto repaired. You must have the re-inspection performed at the same vehicle inspections site and you must have the second inspection performed within 60 days of the first inspection. If you do not make the required repairs to drive your car or truck legally, the state may suspend the vehicle’s registration.

What’s the Point of a Car Inspection FAQs?

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